Friday, December 31, 2010

I wanted to give my thoughts and thanks for this past year of 2010

After midnight, comes the New Year ...
The funny thing is - in theory - everything remains the same ...
Still the same.
We'll still have the same friends.
Some of the same jobs.
The same husband or wife.
The same claims (emotional and / or financial).
Still be the fruit of the choices we made during life.
Still be the same people who went and did this year ...
The difference, the subtle difference is that when they tell you that the clock hits midnight on 31 December 2010, we have a whole year ahead!
A brand new year!
As a page of blank paper, waiting for what we will write.
A year to start things that we did not have the willpower, courage or faith to do ...
A year to forgive a mistake, one year, to be forgiven of ours ...
365 days to do whatever we want ...
Or to let them do what they want to us ...
There is always a choice ...
And that is exactly why I want my friends, students and admirers to make the best choices they can:
I want to smile as much as they can.
Sing what you want.
Kiss a lot.
Love more.
Embrace tight.
Sleep with the angels.
Be protected by them.
Give thanks for being alive and always have another chance to start over.
Thankful of your choices, because true or not, they are yours
And no one can or ought to question them.
And I would like to thank the friends, admirers and students that I have.
To me that company will be for a long time.
Those who did this year.
To that I write a little, but I remember a lot.
To what I write and speak very little.
Those who live far away and I see all you want.
Those who live nearby and I always see.
For me that handle when I think I'll fall.
To which I give my hand when I am asked or when I look a little lost.
Those who gain and lose.
Those that seem strong and they really are.
I don’t see angels, but they are here and give me the certainty that there is something divine in this world.
I wish that life will take its course, and we continue forever: virtual friends, secret friends, real friends, some close, others further apart, as the people that we are always working in one way or another to the develop one another.
Thank you for being part of my story.
I hope 2011 is a year that is more happy, loving and prosperous for us all!
2011 may be the most wonderful, beautiful, ever, especially if our gaze is different!
It depends on me ... It depends on us ...
A big hug and kiss and big up there!
So I wish you all a wonderful 2011!

Monday, December 20, 2010

De la Riva Fight Team

This weekend two big fights went down for the Vicente Junior De la Riva Team. Darren Carter (DLR Delaware HQ) had a unanimous decision win Saturday night improving his record to 3-0. Lightweight champ Nate Grebb ( DLR Maryland/ BJJ Conquest) fought a dominating fight winning every round until he unfortunately got caught in the fourth. It was a hard fought battle but a disappointing loss for Nate and the De la Riva Team, Nate will for sure use this unfortunate loss to fuel his career and avenge his loss in 2011.  Check out the Photos!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Highlight Vid of De la Riva Team

Check out this new video from De la Riva Maryland/BJJ Conquest.